Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Stock-Based Compensation (Narrative) (Details)

Stock-Based Compensation (Narrative) (Details) (USD $)
In Millions, except Share data, unless otherwise specified
12 Months Ended 12 Months Ended 12 Months Ended
Feb. 01, 2014
Feb. 02, 2013
Jan. 28, 2012
May 18, 2012
Feb. 01, 2014
Common Stock [Member]
Feb. 01, 2014
Stock Options [Member]
Feb. 29, 2012
Equity Inducement Award Plan [Member]
Feb. 01, 2014
Minimum [Member]
Feb. 01, 2014
Maximum [Member]
May 18, 2012
Newly Authorized Shares [Member]
May 18, 2012
Reserved But Unissued Shares [Member]
Share-based Compensation Arrangement by Share-based Payment Award [Line Items]                      
Long-term incentive plan, shares reserved for future grants       7,000,000     900,000     1,500,000 5,500,000
Long-term incentive plan, shares available for future grant 7,300,000                    
Long-term incentive plan, description The exercise price of stock options and the market value of restricted stock awards are determined based on the closing market price of our common stock on the date of grant. The 2012 Plan does not permit awarding stock options below grant-date market value nor does it allow any repricing subsequent to the date of grant.  Employee stock options have a maximum term of 10 years.                    
Long-term incentive plan, award vesting period               1 year 3 years    
Employee stock options, maximum term 10 years                    
Stock options and restricted stock, percent of total outstanding stock 2.50%                    
Unrecognized compensation expense           $ 18          
Common stock, percentage increase upon exercise of all outstanding options 4.60%                    
Stock options, weighted average grant date fair value $ 7.15 $ 11.49 $ 11.37                
Weighted average period over which unrecognized compensation is expected to be recognized (years)           2 years          
Closing share price (in dollars per share)         $ 5.92