Annual report pursuant to Section 13 and 15(d)

Credit Facility

Credit Facility
12 Months Ended
Feb. 01, 2020
Line of Credit Facility [Abstract]  
Credit Facility Credit Facility
The Company has a $2,350 million senior secured asset-based credit facility (2017 Credit Facility), comprised of a $2,350 million revolving line of credit (Revolving Facility). During the second quarter of 2017, we amended the Revolving Facility to, among other things, extend the maturity date to June 20, 2022 and to lower the interest rate spread by 75 basis points. All borrowings under the 2017 Credit Facility accrue interest at a rate equal to, at the Company's option, a base rate or an adjusted LIBOR rate plus a spread.
The 2017 Credit Facility is secured by a perfected first-priority security interest in substantially all of our eligible credit card receivables, accounts receivable and inventory. The Revolving Facility is available for general corporate purposes, including the issuance of letters of credit. Pricing under the Revolving Facility is tiered based on our utilization under the line of credit. JCP’s obligations under the 2017 Credit Facility are guaranteed by J. C. Penney Company, Inc.

The borrowing base under the Revolving Facility is limited to a maximum of 85% of eligible accounts receivable, plus 90% of eligible credit card receivables, plus 90% of the liquidation value of our inventory, net of certain reserves. Letters of credit reduce the amount available to borrow by their face value. In addition, the maximum availability is limited by a minimum excess availability threshold which is the lesser of 10% of the borrowing base or $200 million, subject to a minimum threshold requirement of $150 million.
As of the end of 2019, we had no borrowings outstanding under the Revolving Facility. In addition, as of the end of 2019, we had $1,594 million available for borrowing, of which $203 million was reserved for outstanding standby letters of credit, none of which have been drawn on, leaving $1,391 million for future borrowings. The applicable rate for standby letters of credit was 1.75% and 0.875%, respectively, while the required commitment fee was 0.375% for the unused portion of the Revolving Facility.