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Change in Accounting for Merchandise Inventories (Notes)

Change in Accounting for Merchandise Inventories (Notes)
12 Months Ended
Feb. 03, 2018
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Change in Accounting for Merchandise Inventories
During the third quarter of fiscal 2017, the Company retired certain legacy systems and implemented a new module of its enterprise resource planning system to account for its merchandise inventories. Along with this implementation, the Company changed its method of accounting for merchandise inventories for its Internet operations from the lower of standard cost (representing average vendor costs) or net realizable value to the lower of cost or market using the retail inventory method (RIM).
The change in inventory valuation method with respect to the Company's Internet operations allows the Company to better account for inventory on an enterprise-wide basis and to be more consistent with its omnichannel focus of physical and digital interaction with its customers. The Company believes this will result in greater uniformed costing of inventories and a more consistent matching of cost of goods sold with net sales generated. The effect of the change on the Inventory and Reinvested Earnings/(Accumulated Deficit) balances was not material. The Company could not determine the impact of the change to the retail method for its inventory related to its Internet operations for periods prior to fiscal 2017 and therefore could not retroactively apply the change to periods prior to fiscal 2017.